12:eleven Experience

Guided by a 4th generation oilfield management team, 12:eleven Production Equipment puts its over 30 years of industry experience to work for clients. Through our deep knowledge in the areas of design, engineering and fabrication backed by our experience in field operations, we create innovative solutions in production and process equipment that deliver greater value by minimizing investment and maximizing return for our customers.

Innovation at Work


In 2015, a State Government Authority issued a regulation that required that all crude to be heated to a minimum of 110°F in final separation and RVP levels to be below 13.7 psi. Several oil and gas operators were impacted by this new regulation and were seeking economical but effective solutions.


In order to comply with the temperature requirement, the 12:eleven team repurposed conventional equipment to indirectly increase gas temperature for wells producing below the 110°F threshold. This innovative, built-for-purpose piece of equipment is strategically placed in the production process to provide for complete regulatory compliance as it relates to the temperature regulations. The second challenge was to comply with RVP levels required in the new law. In order to reduce the RVP pressure in the oil, conventional surface equipment was again strategically installed within the oil and gas production process in an optimal location to maximize retention time and reduce process pressures to levels necessary to significantly reduce the RVP below the 13.7 psi requirement. Thus, 12:eleven has designed, engineered and fabricated an economical and effective solution to more than meet all of the requirements of the state regulation.

12:eleven Innovation At Work

Forefront of Innovation

From the Field to the Forefront of Innovation

We cut our teeth in the field on location. Our core team, whose history began in the field, understand equipment and production operations. In the toughest environments, we bring experience and innovations that deliver a host of benefits, including reduced pad size and equipment footprint, lower chemical and installation costs as well as reduced maintenance costs and lower overall energy consumption – delivering economical yet effective solutions.

12:eleven Experience

The Value of Knowledge

At 12:eleven, we are passionate about production and process equipment and creating value for our customers through customer-focused solutions, rigorous quality control and operational excellence. Anytime, anywhere, we are ready to help solve your challenge with our decades of industry knowledge. 

12:eleven Experience

Our Quality Certifications

  • 7SWE (Construction)
  • DSQR (Aerospace)
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • AS 9100 Rev D
  • ASME Section VIII, Div 1
  • U & R stamps
  • ANSI 331.3
  • AWS D1.1

North Dakota Spacing Variance 
12:eleven Production Equipment made application for an order allowing a boiler to be located closer than 150 feet to the oil tanks in North Dakota, as an exception to the requirements of North Dakota Administration Code (NDAC) Section 43-02-03-28, and such other relief as is appropriate. The application was approved by the Industrial Commission of the State of North Dakota.  Contact 12:eleven to discover how we can reduce your pad size and improve operational efficiencies in North Dakota.