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Innovation at Work


Managing the fluctuations of the oilfield industry is a challenge as one minute you are over-booked and the next minute, you are looking for work. This creates hardships for many equipment providers as it is very difficult to find a happy medium for work that is available at that time. Due to these fluctuations, many shops find themselves increasing and decreasing their labor force multiple times a year to adapt to the current market situation.


Through key partnerships along with our own internal workforce, we can adapt to these changes much easier. We have several approved partnership shops that we can source to when the need arises to be able to provide our customers with the same quality equipment that they depend on and want. These shops go through rigorous quality audits to be on the approved list and we have internal quality personnel in their shops while our work is being done. We also have a project manager assigned to each to ensure that they are meeting not only our expectations but also our customers.

12:eleven Innovation At Work