Gas Dehydration Units

(Glycol Dehydrator, Dehy, Dehydrator, Gas dehydrator, Gas dryer, TEG unit)

Gas Dehydration Units or “Dehy’s” are equipment that dehydrate the gas from a process stream down to a specific water content acceptable for sale to the pipeline (most commonly spec if <7lbs).

Dehy’s are placed after separation and compression with a Coalescer immediately upstream of the Dehy tower, sales line, Joule-Tomson unit and Cryogenic turbo expanders. Dehy’s are a low-cost way to dehydrate large and small volumes of gas at higher pressures above 700 psig.



Regeneration units can be either open type of enclosed for cold weather operations

Regen sizes to handle from 50,000 MSCFD to 50 MMSCFD

Gas filter separators and scrubbers available to for various applications

Regens can be bare units or fully piped turn key solutions

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