Air Compressor Packages

The 12:eleven Air Compressor package is an ESG solution - eliminating GHG emissions from pneumatic controlled equipment!

12:eleven’s Compressed Air Packages can convert fuel gas systems and eliminate methane
emissions at well sites and well pads – demonstrating ESG commitments to shareholders, employees, consumers, and regulators.

The main components in the 12:eleven Air Compressor package are the compressor, power source, dehydrator and volume tank. Every air compressor package is designed, engineered and fabricated with a hyper focus on quality!


7.5 HP (5.5 kW) 

208 / 230 / 460 V - 3PH or 1PH

27 cfm (125 psi) / 24 cfm (155 psi) / 19 cfm (175 psi)

Air Tanks - Various Sizes and determined by Customer

10 HP (7.5 kW)

208 / 230 / 460 V - 3PH or 1PH

42 cfm (100 psi) / 38 cfm (125-155 psi)

32 cfm (145 psi) / 25 cfm (175 psi)

Air Tanks - Various Sizes and determined by Customer

air compressor package - esg-3


Large drop in air oil separator for long life less maintenance cost

Separate oil sump for the large oil capacity

All air and oil lines are stainless / coated steel

Cycling cooling fan

Microprocessor digital control monitors

Safety shut down, Phase monitor, Motor amps, Air pressure, Temp, Maintenance log

Units are built with Highest quality US, and foreign parts

Warehouses fully stocked with parts

Download eBook For Details!
Download eBook For Details!

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