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Through our deep knowledge in the areas of design, engineering and fabrication backed by our experience in field operations, we create innovative solutions in production and process equipment that deliver greater value by minimizing investment and maximizing return for our customers.

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Air Compressor Packages

Learn more about our Air Compressor Packages and how can 12:eleven help with ESG

  1. What's the 12:eleven Air Compressor package?
  2. Why use a 12:eleven Air Compressor package?
  3. What's included a 12:eleven Air Compressor package?
  4. What are some benefits to our compressors?
  5. What are some benefits of having 12:eleven as a supplier?
  6. Some frequently asked questions?

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Innovative ESG Oil and Gas Equipment

Learn more about ESG oil and gas equipment and how can 12:eleven help with ESG

  1. What is ESG?
  2. Why is effective ESG planning critical?
  3. How can 12:eleven help with ESG?
  4. Why should I use a 12:eleven Air Compressor package?
  5. What's included in a 12:eleven Air Compressor package?
  6. Some frequently asked questions?

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Corporate Profile

Tested and proven, our production and process equipment solutions bring innovations to the field that pay off in greater efficiencies, reduced costs and operational excellence.

From basic AMSE code pressure vessels to fully customized skid-mounted turnkey well pad solutions, we are here to help solve and support all your production and process equipment needs.

Learn more about 12:eleven and what we offer in production and process equipment.

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Principles of Separation

separator is a vessel in which a mixture of fluids that are not soluble in each other are segregated from one another. In the oilfield, separators are used to segregate gas from liquid; or one liquid, such as crude oil, from another liquid, such as water.

Learn more about the principles of oil separation and how the oil separation process works.

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Types of Separators

There are many types of separators used in the Oil and Gas Field. There are more separators in oil and gas process facilities than any other type of process equipment.

Learn more about Separator Classifications; and Horizontal, Vertical, 2 Phase, and 3 Phase Vessel Configurations.

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