Oil Stabilizing Towers

(Condensate Stabilizer)

Oil Stabilization is a heat treatment of light gravity crudes such as 45 API and higher used to remove the C5+ Hydrocarbon chains from the light ends. This “Stabilizes” the oil providing an oil product under a 12 or 9 RVP which prevents flash loss in storage and even in transport.

Oil Stabilization occurs after crude treatment and upstream of storage (in the place of a Vapor recovery tower). This process can capture light end y-grade oil products that are normally lost and prevent sales docks from oil buyers requiring RVP under 9 or 12 rating.

12:eleven Oil Stabilizing Towers


  • ASME Code or Built to Code but not Stamped
  • Designs: Modular, Tower, and Non-Tower
  • Pressure Ratings:  25#, 50#, 75#, and 125#
  • Sizes range from 1,000 BPD – 10,000 BPD
  • Oil sections can be insulated for Cold weather applications
  • Bare Vessels to Turn Key Package Solutions

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Oil Stabilizing Towers

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