Gas Production Units

(GPU, T-Pack or Thermal Production Unit)

A Gas Production Unit is both a line heater and a separator all on one module. These are placed after the sand separator or in the absence of a sand separator, immediately after the wellhead. GPUs can be configured with various safety systems and instrumentation.

Stacking the separator on top of the line heater in this set-up reduces footprint and allows the radiant heat of the media bath to warm the separator which is very beneficial in cold weather environments.



Non-code Atmospheric bath with API-12K or ASME Code coil and ASME Code Vessel

High and Low Pressure Coils  –  Designed with and without a pressure reducing choke

Firetube and coil designed for various applications and are removable

Coil pressure rating from 50 PSI – 5,000 PSI

Unit Configurations such as: Singles, Duals, and Quads

Standard sizes range from 500 MBTU/HR – 5 MMBTU/HR

Bare heaters to Turn Key Package Solutions

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