Vapor Recovery Towers

(VRT, Lo-Pressure Towers, Flash Towers)

Vapor recovery is perhaps the final stage in separation and the last attempt to capture any high-end hydrocarbon flashing in the process train. Vapor Recovery Towers are most commonly placed after Crude Treating and before Tank storage. In addition to preventing vapor release from tank thief-hatches, proper vapor recovery helps users company with  Environmental Regulatory Agencies such as the EPA or Railroad Commission and reduces the amount of hydrocarbon burn at the vapor flare converting a typical waste gas into a sellable gas.

12:eleven Oil Stabilizing Towers


  • ASME Code or Built to Code but not Stamped
  • Vertical
  • Pressure Ratings:  25#, 50#, 75#, and 125#
  • Sizes range from 24” OD – 72” OD
  • Oil sections can be insulated for Cold weather applications
  • Bare Vessels to Turn Key Package Solutions