Vapor Recovery Towers

(VRT, Lo-Pressure Towers, Flash Towers)

Vapor recovery is perhaps the final stage in separation and the last attempt to capture any high-end hydrocarbon flashing in the process train. Vapor Recovery Towers are equipment most commonly placed after Crude Treating and before Tank storage.

In addition to preventing vapor release from tank thief-hatches, proper vapor recovery helps users company with  Environmental Regulatory Agencies such as the EPA or Railroad Commission and reduces the amount of hydrocarbon burn at the vapor flare converting a typical waste gas into a sellable gas.



ASME Code or Built to Code but not Stamped

Pressure Ratings:  25#, 50#, 75#, and 125#

Sizes range from 24” OD – 72” OD

Oil sections can be insulated for Cold weather applications

Bare Vessels to Turn Key Package Solutions


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