Piping Modules and Spools

At 12:eleven, we offer turn-key piping modules and spool services - we design, fabricate, and transport the equipment. Our piping modules and spool drawing services include everything from Isometric and assembly drawings to 2D and 3D CAD fabrication drawings for shop floors.

In 10 years we have emerged as a leading piping spool drawing service provider. Our suite of piping modules and spools been preferred by hundreds of clients to design and install piping for shop floor and large facilities

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How Does 12:eleven Assist?

Piping spools are designed, fabricated, and transported over great distances without pipes shifting or moving

Each part is fabricated individually and then fully assembled at a shop; then broken down and shipped

Each spool is categorized with its own set of drawings and information; bolt packages developed and piping bolts A-A, B-b, C-C, and so on

From small piece jobs to full locations, save money and time by allowing our team in manufacturing your spools

Save time on location by not building equipment on-site

Help you reduce the time of workers on-site for extended periods of time, by allowing us to build your spools and modules

No need for third party services on site; NDE Testing, hydro testing, assembly

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