Free Water Knock Outs

(Oil Skimmer Vessel)

Typically horizontally oriented, a Free-Water-Knock-Out is a three-phase vessel designed to handle a large amount of water with a small amount of oil.  By removing large volumes of water with an FWKO, downstream equipment can be sized for a smaller water to oil ratio, thereby reducing heat and chemical requirements.

Free-Water-Knock-Outs are normally placed near the beginning of a facility so that the downstream equipment does not have to be sized based on the large water volume.



ASME Code or Built to Code but not Stamped

Sizes range from 6’ x 20’  to 10’ x 40’

Pressure Ratings:  75#, 125#, 250#, and 500#

Cold Weather options like Insulating the FWKO

Bare Vessels to Turn Key Package Solutions


Internals Options

An array of Inlet diverters

Spill over Baffles

Wave Breakers (optional upgrade)

Inlet Cyclones

Vortex Breakers

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