(Heater Treater, Oil Treater, Emulsion Treater, Crude Treaters)

Treaters are used to break up the water emulsion in the oil phase so that the oil can separate and result in a higher oil purity for sale. Depending on pressure, these come after at least 1 stage of separation and sometimes 2 stages of separation. Meant to be ran at low pressure to allow high-end hydrocarbons to break out, treaters dump directly to the tank or in high gravity crudes to a Vapory Recovery Tower or Oil  Stabilizer. Treaters can also be operated at higher temperatures to help flash off high-end hydrocarbons to reduce RVP in storage tanks.

12:eleven Heater Treater


  • ASME Code or Built to Code but not Stamped
  • Horizontal or Vertical
  • Sizes range from 48” OD to 144” OD
  • Pressure Ratings:  75#, 125#, and 250#
  • Cold Weather options like Insulating Treater, external piping with shroud, and all internal piping inside treater
  • Bare Vessels to Turn Key Package Solutions

Internals Options

  • Various inlet devices available depending on well application
  • Heating Element: Firetube, Electric Coil, or Heated Glycol Coil 
  • Heat Retention Baffles
  • Downcomers and shrouds
  • Liquid Coalescers
  • Mist Eliminators: Mesh or Vane Pack
  • And many more…Just ask us if you have something specific