(Heater Treater, Oil Treater, Emulsion Treater, Crude Treaters)

Treaters are equipment used to break up the water emulsion in the oil phase so that the oil can separate and result in a higher oil purity for sale. Depending on pressure, these come after at least 1 stage of separation and sometimes 2 stages of separation.

Meant to be ran at low pressure to allow high-end hydrocarbons to break out, treaters dump directly to the tank or in high gravity crudes to a Vapory Recovery Tower or Oil  Stabilizer. Treaters can also be operated at higher temperatures to help flash off high-end hydrocarbons to reduce RVP in storage tanks.

12:eleven Heater Treater


  • ASME Code or Built to Code but not Stamped
  • Horizontal or Vertical
  • Sizes range from 48” OD to 144” OD
  • Pressure Ratings:  75#, 125#, and 250#
  • Cold Weather options like Insulating Treater, external piping with shroud, and all internal piping inside treater
  • Bare Vessels to Turn Key Package Solutions

Internals Options

  • Various inlet devices available depending on well application
  • Heating Element: Firetube, Electric Coil, or Heated Glycol Coil 
  • Heat Retention Baffles
  • Downcomers and shrouds
  • Liquid Coalescers
  • Mist Eliminators: Mesh or Vane Pack
  • And many more…Just ask us if you have something specific

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