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Improve Your ESG Rating with the 12:eleven Air Compressor Packages


12:eleven understands that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are critical and that you need a solution to reduce them from your pneumatic controls. By switching to compressed air, we can offer you a better, lower-cost, higher-quality alternative for lowering or eliminating GHG emissions from your pneumatic controls.

  1. What's the 12:eleven Air Compressor package?
  2. Why use a 12:eleven Air Compressor package?
  3. What's included a 12:eleven Air Compressor package?
  4. What are some benefits to our compressors?
  5. What are some benefits of having 12:eleven as a supplier?
  6. What makes our air compressor solution the best choice in the market?

Air compressor packages

What's the 12:eleven Air Compressor package?

12:eleven’s Compressed Air Packages can convert fuel gas systems and eliminate methane emissions at well sites and well pads – demonstrating ESG commitments to shareholders, employees, consumers, and regulators.

What are the different types of packages?
12:eleven Air Compressor packages are available in multiple sized components and types (compressors, motors, dehydrators, and volume tanks) to provide you with options to best fit your situation; all with similar design layouts.

Our single compressor package is a great option for small jobs where space is limited or for situations where a compressor needs to be operating quickly.

Larger packages are available for more significant and substantial projects. Large or small, 12:eleven has an air compressor package to fit your needs.

Why use a 12:eleven Air Compressor package?

  • Demonstrates significant ESG commitment to all stakeholders by converting natural gas-powered pneumatic controls to a compressed air system.

  • Eliminates methane emissions from process control equipment, which is a substantial more potent greenhouse gas (GHG) than carbon dioixed.

  • Financial return and cost savings: Eliminating the loss of natural gas to the atmosphere, which leads to increased gas sales.

  • Potential to monetize and value the methane mitigation through Methane Performance Certificates (MPCs).

  • Using compressed air avoids the use of flammable natural gas, significantly increasing safety.

  • Increased life of control devices and operational efficiencies by eliminating corrosive gases found in natural gas.


  • Easy movement - Industrial skid mounted, forklift pockets in skid

  • Fully engineered packages for safety, reliability, dependability, and efficiency

  • Partnerships with many compressor vendors to facilitate a broad spectrum of compressors, have main compressor vendor that we prefer.

  • Uses heavy duty pipe and fittings for long life

  • Wide variety of dryers available at lowest cost to meet dewpoint requirements

  • Small footprint, easy to install and maintain.

What's included a 12:eleven Air Compressor package?

The main components in the 12:eleven Air Compressor package are the compressor, power source, dehydrator and volume tank.

  • Compressors are available in various types and sizes to accommodate specific needs.

  • The compressed air package depends on a reliable power source.

  • Dehydrators, or air dryers, are an important component to the compressed air package, and designed based on reliability and optimal economic inputs.

  • Volume tanks provide for uninterrupted air supply and sized based on application.

What are some benefits to our compressors?

  • Units are extremely quiet

  • Large low speed air-end, not high-speed encapsulated air-ends used by many others

  • Premium efficient 3 phase motors are totally enclosed, fan cooled

  • Large drop-in air oil separators for long life, less maintenance costs, not small spin on separators

  • All air and oil lines are stainless / coated steel not cheap rubber hoses

  • Microprocessor digital control monitors with safety shut down, phase monitoring, motor amps, air pressure, temperature, maintenance logs

  • Huge oil and aftercooler cooling packages, some are over twice the size generally used in the industry.

  • Belt drives with 2 or more belts for long belt life

  • Lowest cost air compressor to maintain; filters and oil in stock and half price compared to others.

  • Reduced voltage start, no huge power spikes on startup

  • Can be used to deliver clean instrument air

What are some benefits of having 12:eleven as a supplier?

  • We keep many compressors of various sizes in inventory with quick-turn custom skid mounts and package in less than 2 – 3 weeks.

  • Compressor company has been in business for over 40 years, U.S Based and built

  • Warehouse is fully stocked with replacement parts and maintenance parts for all sizes of compressors

  • Longest warranties in the industry, 12-year air end warranty, and 2-year warranty on other components.

  • We prefer to use rotary screw compressors, and have reciprocating compressors as well.

What makes our air compressor solution the best choice in the market?

The 12:eleven Air Compressor package is an ESG solution - eliminating GHG emissions from pneumatic controlled equipment! 

We use the highest quality components and motors (with long-term warranties)! 

Every air compressor package is designed, engineered and fabricated with a hyper focus on quality! 

We serve our customers with ZEAL!

Are you looking for production and process equipment?

Discover the strengths that the 12:eleven specialists in innovation and customization bring to production and process equipment. Contact 12:eleven and experience quality that is reliable, efficiency that is proven and service that is unsurpassed.

Recognized for quality and performance, our equipment can help improve and accelerate sustainable production with more efficiency.

We invite you to request a quote for our products or services.

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